Hey boys! Shaun (our resident Superhero) has been so good about updating challenges for us, and I feel so guilty. It has been a rough month for me. I went on the road for work to Orlando and did a lot of running since the weather was warm. I did get a few workouts in at the hotel gym, but those are never real gyms. As I was in Orlando a last minute/emergency trip to London came up. So I flew home and re-packed and got on a plane 31 hours later and flew across the pond. I did run every morning (save one where it was pissing down rain) that I was in London. There’s something about running by Buckingham Palace to jump start your day…just saying. When I came home from London I was sick. They thought it was just a bad cold at first, but it ended up being Bronchitis. I flew home on a Thursday night and saw the trainer on Friday afternoon, feeling a bit under the weather (and thinking it was perhaps just jet lag). I hit the gym on Saturday – a bit achy and spent some time walking the treadmill on an incline instead of doing the kettlebells. By Sunday I was sore all over. I saw the doctor on Monday and was forbidden from the gym. I haven’t been since. It’s almost two weeks now. I feel like a bit of a slug. I have been so focused on getting well again, that I have tried to ignore the guilt I feel about not going to the gym.

The plus side is, I have managed to drop a few more pounds. At one point the scale read 153. I almost cried. I don’t know the last time I’ve weighed that little, and I looked really gaunt, so I’m not sure I liked being that thin. I’m back up around 157 (I think the 153 was a fluke timing thing) and quite happy there. If I can get to 155 I’ll be thrilled. I used to think that 150 was a great goal, but 153 kind of scared me when I saw how gaunt I looked (that might be the sick too…who knows) I think I’ll be happy at 155.

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