all of that conspired to keep me off the blog. Apologies. I’m sitting here finishing what’s left of my coffee and putting together this blog post after the long Holiday Weekend and realizing that it was a Holiday Weekend here, and a bank holiday in the UK as well. Speaking of which, we’re always on the look out bloggers from the UK, so if you’re interested, email me!

Anyway, I digress. I was in these white 2xist briefs on Saturday, they’re from the long defunct Metal line and I have them in all four colours they made in the brief and the jock. They’re not as comfortable as I remember them being and I felt a bit crushed in them, to be honest.

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day, well some shopping for the other half and then a movie. We saw Baywatch and, well, it was fun, but nothing ground breaking. I was sporting these blue and pink Curbwear briefs the whole day and the pouch, while a bit snug, is fun and keeps everything out of the way and didn’t leave me feeling crushed.

Holiday WeekendMonday I asked a friend what he wanted me to wear, and I was told something patriotic…to fit the day. Well, I couldn’t find my red, white and blue undies, they’re here somewhere, but when you have so many, it’s hard to find them all when you want them. I decided on these red and white ones. Hey, at least I got two of the colours in there and the back is full on mesh like the sides. Find that pic elsewhere! =)

To go back to the grind today I’m in these turquoise Andrew Christian old school Happy briefs. They are super comfy and I love them. I found them in the swimwear drawer, along with a few other pair of undies. I’m not sure if they fell out of the haven’t been worn drawer or the already worn, so they got put into the haven’t been worn, to be safe.

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