Bear Skn is a relatively new company launched in 2014 as a kickstarter and has gotten a lot of support from the community ever since. The underwear was launched to appeal for men of size but it fits everyone very nicely. The company not only sells briefs and boxer briefs, but also shirts and hats with cool catchy phrases.
I was sent a really cool pair of River Blue boxer briefs and absolutely fell in love with them. The sizes run a little large but the fit is great nonetheless. It was my first time wearing underwear made of out rayon that comes from bamboo and I have to say I really liked it.
The boxer briefs and briefs have a double layer of mesh between the legs for extra air flow which helps you stay fresh in a hot summer day.
All in all the underwear fits really nicely. The pouch fits great and makes your bulge look really hot. The material is soft and makes you feel great all around. It also has elastic in the legs that helps the underwear stay in place. This pair i was given is definitely dating material. It is great for everyday wear as it is comfortable, stylish and fits extremely well. It also comes in a variety of colours and sizes to fit everyone. I will definitely order a pair of briefs next to see how they fit me. 
  1. HeartUnderwear says:

    it’s great BearSkn is out there, they look cool.

    Personally found cut of their underwear is for athletic guys, ottery types or shorty guys under 200lbs.

    BearSkin has used a few heavier bearish/chub’s to model their gear but you can tell the style does not functionally fit them daily wear eg bending, squatting, sitting.

    I can rock out most 38-40 speedo/trunks comfortably even under clothes
    Size Large and XL BearSkn pinched uncomfortably in the thighs (mine measure 25-27″ around)
    The leg length on BearSkn boxerbriefs were too short and began riding up uncomfortably after a few steps

    Going by the nearly identical template of L/XL I don’t see there being an improvement ordering a larger size as it wouldn’t address the thigh pinching/shortness in the legs and riding up.

    I have a meaty tho not overly large ass and there was not enough stretch to comfortably wear them on my waist without having the underside cutting into my taint.

    so yea, nice that they are out there but not husky/fatboy friendly boxerbriefs.

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